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Dr. David Gokhman

Principal investigator


Uncovering what makes us human. Particularly interested in the gene regulatory changes that underlie human-specific traits and diseases. My focus is on our closest extinct (Neanderthal and Denisovan) and extant (chimp and bonobo) relatives. 

Can never resist an opportunity to swim or kayak with whales. Love hiking, snorkeling, woodworking, gardening and cat/dog-raising.

Dr. Simon Fishilevich

Senior bioinformatician


I am fascinated with the human genome, specifically with discovering functional aspects of its non-coding regulatory parts, such as promoters and enhancers. I enjoy integrating and analyzing biomedical data to drive discovery in the fields of human genetics, evolution and gene regulation.

Proud and tired parent of two cute monsters, shower philosopher & Netflix fan. Love to travel and hang out with my family.

Dr. Amit Mary Philosoph

Research Assistant


I have always been excited by genetics, especially the role of genetic variation in human disease. I enjoy combining experimental approaches with bioinformatics, to study the genetic changes that are associated with human-specific phenotypes and diseases.

I am a proud mother of two precious kids, enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Traveling, reading and furniture design are my favorite hobbies, and the rumor is that I am a good cook :)

Guy Hirsh

Lab Manager


I am interested in the world of genetics by the view of an animal scientist.
Alongside my work as a research assistant at the Gokhman lab, I also research the genetic mechanism of sex determination of fish at the faculty of agriculture.

I am a “dad” of dogs, a cat, a rabbit, and a hamster.
Love jogging, playing guitar, and watching Netflix with my lovely wife.

Gal Bodek
Data analyst


I enjoy diving into complex biological questions using computational and statistical techniques. I am specifically interested in the integration of genomic data and computational methods to study how gene regulatory changes drive human evolution.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, crafting, and getting lost in a good book. I also like to practice yoga, go for runs, and experiment with cooking (hoping to improve that skill).

Ryder Easterlin

PhD student


Studying the role of non-coding variation in archaic and modern human evolution, specifically regarding phenotypic divergence between the lineages. Co-advised by Prof. Nadav Ahituv (UCSF).

Some of my favorite things to do outside of the lab are climbing, sailing on San Francisco Bay, and playing strategy boardgames and videogames. Always looking for new passions/hobbies as well!

Katharina Lange

MSc student


I am interested in the regulatory aspects of gene expression and how changes in gene regulation have shaped human evolution. Excited to combine computational and experimental approaches.

Love being in nature, whether it is hiking in the desert or surfing in the Mediterranean Sea. Passionate about food, especially when shared with friends.

Nitzan Haim

MSc student


I'm interested in how changes at the molecular level cause phenotypic changes along evolutionary processes, and understanding the mechanisms that enable evolution to happen in the first place.

I enjoy practicing Yoga, travelling the globe with my partner, and cooking delicious vegetarian food. I also volunteer as a content writer and editor at the non-profit HealthyHer – Feminist Medicine.

Omer Ronen
MSc student


I’m interested in discovering the role of selection as a driving force for evolution. Excited to use and build statistical models to unravel hidden patterns.

I love watching Israeli football, going to concerts and practicing yoga. Trying to stay sane by reading when taking public transportation.

Tal Sharon



I'm passionate about the intersection of programming and biology, with a particular interest in genetic variations across animals and humans.

In my free time, I enjoy scuba diving, programming for fun, and taking care of my dog and cat. I also love to travel and explore new places.

Hila Yankovitch
Research assistant


My curiosity revolves around unraveling the nuanced interplay between genetic variations and the expression of observable traits throughout the course of evolution. More specifically, I enjoy closely examining the subtle differences in phenotypes between humans and chimpanzees.

Outside the lab, I love hiking and traveling around Israel and sometimes abroad, whether it's camping in Mitzpe Ramon canyon or hiking the trail in the Golan Heights. Most of my free time is spent running, training at the gym or hanging out with friends.

Yael Elboim
Lab assistant


I’m excited to learn about the little things that tie together evolution & genetics and even more excited to contribute to our lab experimental projects. As an undergrad student, I’m especially eager to investigate the behind-the-scenes of research and see how all my theoretical studies manifest in real life.

I love being active and will be found at the gym or climbing at least 3 times a week. If I’m not there, I’ll probably be watching Netflix. I also love to travel and explore new places and adventures, and you’ll never catch me without my music.

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